Special Projects Group

We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to Heathorn Mechanical Services Special Projects Group. We at HMS have formulated a strategy aimed specifically at serving the needs of the Tenant Improvement and Light Commercial markets.

Our approach to serving these needs was developed by analyzing the issues that we typically encounter in this market. Some of these issues are as follows:

  • Engineering and Design Development
  • Rapid response to custom fabrication
  • Adequate supplies of common materials
  • Manpower availability
  • Meeting accelerated schedule deadlines
  • Budget constraints
  • Coordiation with Property Managers and Owners

Team Overview

Our analysis of these common themes has shown us what we can do to help our clients work through the challenges of this type of construction. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has lead us to develop and implement the following:


Common Materials: We have developed a strategic partnering arrangement with key vendors to insure prompt service for our clients. In addition, we have a broad inventory of commonly used bought out and shop fabricated products.


Manpower: We have a steady crew of qualified tradesmen in sheet metal, plumbing and controls, that are commited to serving our special projects clients. In addition, we are affiliated with Sheet Metal Workers Local #104b and Pipe Fitters Local #447, and can use these resources when extra manpower is needed.


Accelerated: We are very familiar with the unique nature of the market. More often than not there is a critical deadline associated with the project. We understand how to maximize productivity and coordinate with other crafts in reaching the schedule benchmarks. Some of the items above the address this issue.


Property Managers: We also understand what the owners needs are. We understand that we are often guests in someone’s occupied building, and we know how to conduct ourselves accordingly. We have trained our staff in the procedures to follow when working in this type of environment, and have developed a checklist to follow to insure seamless integration of the construction. Coordination with the owners’ representative is essential in keeping the client happy. Scheduling in advanced things such as off-hours work, building access, security procedures, fire alarm panel locations, and emergency contact lists are but a few of the steps that are necessary to insure a successful project.

We will be the leader in our industry thru creativity and customization of our services and systems to meet each client’s needs.

Heathorn Mechanical Services has been providing services throughout the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas since 1932. Specializing in HVAC Systems, Plumbing/Piping, Architectural Sheet Metal, etc. we employ highly skilled technicians that are qualified and experienced within their fields.

Heathorn Mechanical Services is strategically located within the central Bay Area for rapid response time to service our clients. With union and factory trained technicians, multiple building monitoring systems, and paperless work order systems, we are poised to meet your needs in the most timely and energy efficient way possible.

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